Jumping Into the Christmas Spirit

Photos By Lindsay Boyle

By Lindsay Boyle

Every year my family and I spend the Saturday following Thanksgiving decorating our house. This is a tradition we have done since I was young, and is a great bonding experience. Putting the tree up, and decorating the house with Christmas artifacts is only half of the fun. The real fun is goofing around, listening to Christmas music, and recalling funny, but mostly embarrassing, holiday stories of one another while we are decorating. For my family decorating for the holidays is more than putting the tree up, it’s about making memories with the people you care about and spending quality time together. To read more about my Christmas traditions click here.


Licensing the Liars

Dr. Meg Algren

By Lindsay Boyle

Liars and deceivers are two names commonly given to public relations professionals. Dr. Meg Algren, a public relations and advertising professor at Towson University, weighs in her thoughts that there is a desperate need for regulation and licensing to redeem the tarnished image of the public relations field.

TU Students Hop on the Wellness Wagon

Photos by Lindsay Boyle

By Lindsay Boyle

Activities, free food, and general health information were on display at Burdick field, which hosted the Wellness Fair on Sept. 11. The fair advertised services available to students and had games and giveaways from campus organizations and local businesses to encourage healthy living.

TU General Health Educator Courtney Becker is in charge of coordinating the event. Becker has been in charge of the Wellness Fair for the past three years, although the fair débuted ten years ago.

“This year is different because we held the fair in the first three weeks of school, so students are more likely to get the information early and feel more connected,” Becker said.

“Its important that Towson students see on campus and community resources that are available,” and feel “less anxious to go ask for help,” Becker said when referring to the main goal of the Wellness fair.

Tents line the field with various vendors and activities for students to participate in. Vendors included: Shoprite, Smoothie King, TU Counseling Center, Crossfit Towson, Baltimore County Department of Health, CAB (Campus Activities Board), Athleta, and Women in Wellness.

One very popular vendor was the Smoothie King tent, which was giving out free samples of smoothies and always had a large crowd of students nearby.

“Smoothies have less sugar (than soda) and are more fun to drink than water,” sophomore Lieta said, attending the fair with an “interest in fixing her health” and finding ways to “eat healthier while at college.”

Unknown to many students, the Timonium Shoprite offers a full time dietician providing specialized nutrition advice, and counseling to its patrons. These services are available to all students who seek advice on how to eat healthier and maintain a healthy diet while away at school.

“Shoprite provides information about vitamins, minerals, gluten and lactose intolerant diets,” said Shoprite Dietician Nicole. These services are available to students who seek to change their eating habits or require assistance in finding a diet that fits their health needs.

Other vendors in attendance offered great tips on the benefits of getting enough sleep, incorporating a weight lifting regime into working out, and the importance of a balanced diet while offering free food samples.

The Wellness Fair was a huge success with a large turnout of students and a great variety of campus and community resources. Free food, prizes, and games gave students a fun atmosphere to learn more about healthy living while at Towson University.

Ironbirds’ Go Out With a Bang During Last Home Stand

Photos by Lindsay Boyle

Aberdeen Ironbirds’ suffered a disappointing 6-5 loss against N.Y. Hudson Valley Renegades at Ironbirds’ home turf, Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen Md., on Aug. 30.